“When A Child Has No Hope, A Nation Has No Future”.

These are the words of Zell Miller, a former United States Senator from Georgia. Many other world leaders have also come forward at various points in history and still continue to do so to stress on how important it…

Even though 2020 was a year that was taken by the novel coronavirus, there was something else that shook our nation alongside the crisis. It was The Farm Bills of 2020. The reactions and after-effects of the bill were no different from that of a pandemic. …

Cocoa Traceability — Importance Explained

Knowing the roots of any product has become an essential part of enhancing the reliability factor in today’s market. This is why traceability becomes a very important and relevant standard these days for all kinds of products. …


Empowering the farming community through sustainable, traceable and predictable practices. Visit www.farmlogics.com for more info

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